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What is your favorite Miami Pizza Spot?

As a native NY’er, we really know our pizza.  Many times, my Miami friends will tell me to go to a Pizza spot because it is just like NY.   This always disappoints!

Here is a quick list of my top 3 Pizza Spots here in the 305:

  1. LUCALI —- its from Brooklyn….. fugedaboudit!    Great sauce.   Brick oven baked.   Amazing ingredients.  The cheese if authentic.   The crust is light and fresh.  Easy to down an entire pie at one sitting.   The deserts are mind blowing.   Schedule a class at gym the day after this outing to pay for your sins.  www.lucali.com
  2. PIZZETTE —- special pizza made from authentic ingredients shipped over from Italy.    Really great spot on the West end of Lincoln Road.    The crowd is usually fantastic and the food definitely will not leave you feeling heavy at the end of the night!
  3. Munaciello —- amazing spot on Biscayne Blvd just north of the Design District.  The owners moved here from Italy specifically to open the restaurant.  The name of the restaurant is derived from a story from the owners hometown in Italy and is dedicated to an Angel.  This Angel also adorns the interior.   The food is heavenly.    Not only do they have amazing pizza, but they have a full menu of real authentic Italian food.

All of these places are great.   Each one of them could be a NYC Pizza place in NY which makes them special being down here in Miami.  Visit either of the 3, you will not be disappointed.

Born and Bred in NY, Ronnie G has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Always leading with high energy, crowds gather when he is around. Dreamed his entire life of living in South Beach, he left NY in 2012 and found himself immersed in all areas of life in Miami. Some days you can find him volunteering with the homeless and a few hours later you can find him dining with a celebrity visiting from NY or LA. You never know what you will get with Ronnie G --- he speaks three languages, dances salsa and has been involved with over a billion dollars in real estate finance deals all over the United States. Both of his sons are just as unique as he is ---- his oldest graduated with a dual major and works in NYC while his youngest was a Division 1 athlete, worked professionally in the NY Mets organization and is currently a proud NYPD Police Officer. He has strong roots in NY and his family is viciously proud of their German-Irish heritage. Along with Hosting Vibes and Views on Definitely Miami (The Beach Channel 8pm Tuesdays and 9pm Thursdays) he is quite active in the fitness community advocating for a healthy lifestyle featuring balance and harmony.


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