The talent of twenty-first century

Looking at the present, it seems that the auspicious prospects of the twenty-first century are reaching the level of growth of their growing leaves, like green doves. The timely requirement of talent sophistication is seen by people being willing to adopt it voluntarily, like the flowers of spring, unintentionally, it gives an introduction to its glory. Do not go to the veins that are full of veins and greed Lust, which is controlling like a manic elephant is overcome by skilled mahouts. The doubts of the Buddha, Shankar, Vivekananda, Gandhi, will now come in front or not, from this doubt – fear today, while everywhere, disappointment prevails, but also destiny. Change- not be believed to be the closure of the replacement power. How are the days of a great lord, who are echoing the ten directions, to be ignored? On the dawn festival of the age consciousness, how can the forgetfulness of the rising sun be forgotten? The possibility of era climactic is amazing as the Ganges, but also how to deny the fact that whatever has been accomplished, will it remain unable to reproduce again? The present villa of the era treaty is full of such turbulence.


On May 8, the issue of granting special rights to the village council was suddenly created. Rural self-government was the dream of the early days of Gandhi. There were discussions on it, the projects continued to grow, but it was not believed to anyone that in a few months in the year 9, the revolutionary changes in this context would be passed on so easily. State changes, without bloodshed, resentment – Where does the rebellion occur without emergence? But with the hands of capable hands, the power will go away from the poor, by the hands of the backward? This thing does not descend below the human throat. Even if that is possible, how can he be denied?


Reaching the level of backwardness is considered extraordinarily time-consuming and painful. Even then, the backward, uneducated, getting the reservation so that a majority of them have become a majority, despite the fact that this fact is correct, understanding does not accept that all this will be done so quickly and so easily. It should be called the boom of human intervals or the law of the great lord, which is going to be possible even when it is impossible.



After this, a boom, will the horse racing change? Nobody should think of such a thing. Telescopic eyes can see that after this, the cooperative movement will grow like new minuscule and corruption contracts will give up its path.


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