The source of practical spirituality

Swami Vivekananda had given a speech in 1897 in the period of its Madras migration. This speech has been published in the book titled ‘India’s Future with the title’ Vivekananda storage. In this, he had predicted that to reach the sources of practical spirituality to the masses, temples would be seen evolving in the form of awareness centers. Centers for sentencing education will open at a broad level. Culture will be propagated and culture will become a world language. The coming age will be of unity – of equality. Many young people will have a very important role in transforming this spiritual communism into work. They will become the savior of the culture – protectors and show the imagination of a new era in the form of realization.


Divine Perspectives is calculated in the world’s predominantly divine visionary prophets. Born in a devout Jewish family of Israel. The predictions made by them are often proved to be true at the time. He used to say about future changes: ‘I am clearly visible that India will emerge as a great power. There will be an institution making the religion of the medium and creating a global environment of revolution. By the year 2000, all small big powers will become together. Then there will be no restriction of language and neither the monotony of communalism and the regional division constraints. Everyone will be together and eat and share


Jean Dixon: Jean Dickson, a book of books entitled ‘My Life and Professes’, ‘A Gift of Prophecies’ and ‘The Call to the Glory’, was well-known for its future statement from the age of fourteen years are. The predictions made by them through a ‘crystal ball’ have been falling from time to time 100 percent. They are still employed in the US. In 1945, he had announced the death of the US President Franklin Roosevelt years ago. Likewise, in 1953 he had announced the death of Stalin and his successors, who had come out right, had declared the death of United Nations General Secretary Dag in 1961 in an air crash months ago. That’s what happened.


Jean Dickson had become world-renowned when he won the election of US President John F. Kennedy in 1960, he had previously stated that in the second week of November 1963 he will be assassinated in the Texas province. Pre-assassination


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