The barriers in the education system

It is said that middlemen are 94 percent dented and the consumer’s expenses are only 6 percent. What is the problem with dealing with such a large disruption? Those who have a blood clot in their molar, how can they be agreed to discontinue? The answer is the same, the hinges in the mouth of the horse, the nail is inserted in the nose’s nose, like a straight line to the elephant, when the economy will run on the basis of co-operative, then where will the blind be able to survive? , Which progressive swallow-swallowing schemes, but go like fat.


Given the far-reaching results of the village council State in the State Revolution, it can be called unprecedented. There is a co-operative revolution that is behind it, which, in its right form, will be loosened by the arbitrators of the money, even if its existence completely takes some time to end.


Adult education is stuck in the field of education like the bone of the throat. Those who have the reins of society these days remain uneducated by being uneducated, it is a matter of great sadness. Such a big arrangement not be expected from government money, especially when there is no interest in education earning for the reader, the solution to this problem will come out in such a way that educated one-one of the uneducated, Two will have to be interrupted to make literate.


When those who earn a forbidden will be treated as criminals and will be dispersed and on the other hand they will be given honor and honor if the workers are considered righteous and in that environment, the address of the criminals will be cleared, but the third excuse that bites at the same time. In earnings, donations not be given to the contribution. Hypocritical, ill-disposed, nipples often keep their skin shrouded by these lobbies.


Earning of labor will be considered as valid, then the roots of many dislikes like dowry practice, performance, extravagance, and ego will be cut. Those looking for glory in the chair should be running a hammer, the old too will start doing so much in their own way, that they will not have to bear the insults, but they can be more healthy, happier and more respectable by consuming themselves in some useful product. Daughters in thieves will then be counted among the worst categories.


These revolutions are like a training cartridge running behind each other. Their fast running track will be visible to every eye person. By avoiding undesirable greed, those who accept the average citizen’s subsistence will be left with so much labor-time mentality and glory, which would result in the good prospects associated with the twenty-first century, when employed for the new generation, these days, with these eyes directly Can be seen. The desire for destiny is that most of the humans emerge talented. Imitated many from your character and dedication

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