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STARDUST ONE — Miami Music

Miami’s music scene has been known as the center of Latin Music for years — with Pitbuil leading the charge recently.   Every once in a while, a true Rock Band pops up and blows every body away.   Stardust One is that Band!     The foursome hails from Miami but their sound is definitely more LA or NY than 305.

Stardust One
Will Lopez of StarDust One

The InnerCatMusic band was founded a few years back, lead by front man Will Lopez.  The foursome includes Henry Perez on Drums, Daniel Wills on Guitar and Brad Berman on Bass.

Their sound is timeless, but definitely brings us back to a time when Rock was Rock and every song was easy to sing along with.  Their new album drops in February.   Based on their performance at Heartland, this will be a top seller.   We highly recommend following them and getting their new album.   IF you have a chance to catch their next live performance, they are a must see.

Follow the band on IG @stardustoneofficial 

Follow InnerCatMusic at https://www.innercatmusic.com

Stardust One Video

Miami’s true Rock Band, Stardust One


Born and Bred in NY, Ronnie G has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Always leading with high energy, crowds gather when he is around. Dreamed his entire life of living in South Beach, he left NY in 2012 and found himself immersed in all areas of life in Miami. Some days you can find him volunteering with the homeless and a few hours later you can find him dining with a celebrity visiting from NY or LA. You never know what you will get with Ronnie G --- he speaks three languages, dances salsa and has been involved with over a billion dollars in real estate finance deals all over the United States. Both of his sons are just as unique as he is ---- his oldest graduated with a dual major and works in NYC while his youngest was a Division 1 athlete, worked professionally in the NY Mets organization and is currently a proud NYPD Police Officer. He has strong roots in NY and his family is viciously proud of their German-Irish heritage. Along with Hosting Vibes and Views on Definitely Miami (The Beach Channel 8pm Tuesdays and 9pm Thursdays) he is quite active in the fitness community advocating for a healthy lifestyle featuring balance and harmony.


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