Scriptures have been called miraculous

Scriptures have been called miraculous. They are considered as God’s voice. Like Divine Seers prophets, they have been told a lot about time to come. They all agree with this view that end of twentieth century and beginning of twentieth century will be in form of a treaty of two eras and upcoming age will emerge as a bright future for mankind.

End of Kali Yuga is near and now era is going on. Not only that, in fourth era, before and after, in second Chapter III of his Duodecimal Wing, details of symptoms have been described in detail. In aftermath of middle Ages, abundance of masculinity, accumulation of rites of emptiness, excess of corruption in conduct of thought; all this is described in first chapter. In second chapter, in second chapter, development of new diseases, rise of communalism, intolerance of each other, intolerance towards each other, all those who are seeing these days, show characteristic of this period. Referring to true era, he says that incarnation of untouchable power in last days of Kali Yuga will be a universal acceleration of goodwill and ontological.


In Ramayana, in verses 95- 160 of war, explaining arrival of true era, behavior of people, attitude of people has been described at that time.


It is mentioned in Mahabharata forest festival that when one era is over and beginning of second comes near, then there is conflict and divination in world. When Chandra, Sun and Jupiter and Pushy pearl will come in one zodiac, then beginning of true era will be in form of a happy future.


In Daniel and Revelation chapter of Old Testament, it has been discussed that before end of twentieth century, natural disaster and human dignity will be on horizon before arrival of a new era. ‘Archaeologist and Hebrew language scholar Dr. William Albright and James Grant, who are considered experts of these futuristic folks described in Seven Times, have correctly told correct time of occurrence between 1980 and 2000. It has also been said about establishment of golden age at end of this century. Similarity of nostra fits with this kind of future.


Islamism- In this, fourteenth century has been described as a time of upheaval. This time it corresponds perfectly to today’s circumstances

In book ‘Hope of future of Islam,’ Sri Seya says that beginning of twenty-first century will be in form of wonderful coordination of science and religion. Quoting Dr. Kung book Anonymous Man, he writes that education will be stressed in coming times. This will make atmosphere spiritually and in form of a new human being, there will be a rise of great people on earth, which will establish state of unity and equality everywhere.


In this way not only divine eyes, but various religious texts also point to same fact that blooming violin of new era reached. Now with flow of time, person should also change his thinking, otherwise conscious power of supreme truth knows that he is also brought on right path by punishment system and he will do it.


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