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What is #DefinitelyMiami??

#DefinitelyMiami is a term coined by DMTV founder Ronnie G. As he puts it, there is not way to define #DefinitelyMiami — you just know it when you See it, Feel it or Experience it.

One such example is an Art Event featuring several of DMTV’s favorite artists — KIKART, Eddy Bogaert and Sergey (DO WHAT YOU LOVE).

Do What You Love

What makes this event #DefinitelyMiami was that it was held at Pasta Go Restaurant on Alton Road.They cleared out the tables and brought in a DJ, covered every inch of wall space with Art and invited The Who’s Who of the Miami Beach Art Scene. It was truly a night to remember. Good food. Great Wine. ¬†Amazing Art. ¬†Incredible Vibe. Always stay tuned in to DMTV for future events. You never know who is going to show up!

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