The talent of twenty-first century

Looking at the present, it seems that the auspicious prospects of the twenty-first century are reaching the level of growth of their growing leaves, like green doves. The timely requirement of talent sophistication is seen by people being willing to adopt it voluntarily, like the flowers of spring, unintentionally, it gives an introduction to its glory. Do not go to the veins that are full of veins and greed Lust, which is controlling like a manic elephant is overcome by skilled mahouts. The doubts of the Buddha, Shankar, Vivekananda, Gandhi, will now come in front or not, from this doubt – fear today, while everywhere, disappointment prevails, but also destiny. Change- not be believed to be the closure of the replacement power. How are the days of a great lord, who are echoing the ten directions, to be ignored? On the dawn festival of the age consciousness, how can the forgetfulness of the rising sun be forgotten? The possibility of era climactic is amazing as the Ganges, but also how to deny the fact that whatever has been accomplished, will it remain unable to reproduce again? The present villa of the era treaty is full of such turbulence.


On May 8, the issue of granting special rights to the village council was suddenly created. Rural self-government was the dream of the early days of Gandhi. There were discussions on it, the projects continued to grow, but it was not believed to anyone that in a few months in the year 9, the revolutionary changes in this context would be passed on so easily. State changes, without bloodshed, resentment – Where does the rebellion occur without emergence? But with the hands of capable hands, the power will go away from the poor, by the hands of the backward? This thing does not descend below the human throat. Even if that is possible, how can he be denied?


Reaching the level of backwardness is considered extraordinarily time-consuming and painful. Even then, the backward, uneducated, getting the reservation so that a majority of them have become a majority, despite the fact that this fact is correct, understanding does not accept that all this will be done so quickly and so easily. It should be called the boom of human intervals or the law of the great lord, which is going to be possible even when it is impossible.



After this, a boom, will the horse racing change? Nobody should think of such a thing. Telescopic eyes can see that after this, the cooperative movement will grow like new minuscule and corruption contracts will give up its path.


The human power

Even if you are enthusiastic, even a few people can do anything in the midst of adversities, who can be surprised to see. Human power and its ability to change the future is such a person who is able to believe that if it can be believed, then it should be assumed that even in the environment of despair, the possibility of a bright future can be emerging.


In fact, the transformation process had been going on for so many days, but its initial slowing down of the opportunity to become a quick going person was found in these twelve years, it is the opinion of the intellectuals – the Divine. These twelve years can be told of the end of the twentieth century and the middle of the twentieth century. This period is looking at full of conflicting activities. On one hand, the painful punishment system of misrepresentation can be seen at its peak and on the other hand, the basis of new innovative creation is being seen standing. It may be confusing to the mind, but the age treaty is said to this, in which one situation goes, the second comes. Both processes are complementary to each other. Along with the fall, the greenery of Spring begins to introduce her arrival. Glee around the enchanting atmosphere is enveloped. While abandoning the physical body, life can be sad, but the happiness of the new birth not be taken without it? While running away, the surgeon ruthlessly breaks the boil but enjoying the pain of exhaustion on getting the pus is also in its place.


Scientists capable of seeing, visionaries, spiritual beings, and predictions are witnessing a wave of a sweeping change around these days. All are convinced of the fact that this time may be painful, but soon the creative tendencies of the bright future will increase.


Whether the future statement is scientific or not, there will be a debate on whether science itself or the physicist, has started saying that the future can be very well known. It is also possible to organize your actions accordingly. The renowned astronomer NASA’s renowned Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who has made his own move on the Moon, says that the future statement is now possible to constrain the science test. It is also possible to say that what will be the time of the coming? Thinking in a constructive way, he says that the future is definitely bright because desperate mankind from the race of modernity is gathering deeply in those purposes which indicate the dawn of a new era. In an interview, he has written a book called ‘The Man Who Saw the Future’, on which a video film has also been made, that in the future, we get content today that our future and it is going to be don of a new era in Fu Years, This Can Be Force by WITNESSING the Events. That is what we think today – that becomes our future. It is sure that the coming year will be of the dawn period of the new era, it is sure. It can be said by looking at the efforts of today’s generation efforts.


The arrangement of better environment for education

To educate the teachers, high-level personality needs and inspiring environments too. Both these requirements are fulfilled in a peaceful house. In this scenario, five hundred people live permanently, most of them are graduate, postgraduate level. By leaving the high job, taking the formula operator as an example, only the era creation has come from a dedication dedicated to the service related work. Many of these are those who take all the arrangements from the bank deposited in the bank and do not take anything from the ashram. This is a unique and rare example in itself.


There is a scarcity of workforce and emotional workers, but they are continuing to meet a peaceful house unmatched, in which M.D., MS., B.I.M.S., M.S. C., Ph.D., L.L.M. There are many level workers. The personality operators, who have been examining every criterion closely, their mind is that in such an environment, by staying in such an environment, doing such a work culture should make them happy. The effect of the environment created by these workers is that the scholars return to the country with a status of rejuvenation in their life order. The talent, the brightness and the authenticity of the testator, the connoisseur- this tradition of dedicated talent is the spinal cord of this institution.


Understanding the need for awakening the villages and villages, four musicians and one speaker, thus the five-five congregations constantly rotate in the working field. There are arrangements for trains for them. There are one and a half thousand conferences in the year, in which the lamp mass or the annual festivals are celebrated. Peace institutes are built as permanent buildings for them, which are more than 3,000 in entire India and there are branches of active workers at other places. There is only one fit of joining the events that left a bad trend and adopted a phenomenon. In this sequence, thousands of people have left their evils and assumed good things.


The people affected by the mission keep a minimum of one hour and fifty cents a day. They have to take a fast in the local retinue to keep contributing to the enrichment of truth. How many people spend half-time for family and half the time for social service. The recluse of this category has also created a large number of missions. Among them, the number of women announcing women awakening is more than fifty percent. It is hoped that this practice will provide a large number of unpaid, experienced workers in every sector of society.


Special arrangements have been made for the training of cottage industries for financial independence in a peaceful house. Through this, women try to extend the additional livelihood to the whole family so that a person in the house is constantly engaged in the task of building society. In the upper rows briefly, those possibilities are explained and those who have inspired many.


If the collapse ceases, then it should be understood that there is an error in the spirit of the people and the labor spirit. Then it is good to shut down that system. The peaceful house has kept himself present from the beginning to know how to get the same criterion. After evaluating the activities here, if it is appropriate to give something for such an institution, then without giving any reason, voluntarily giving something without any reason, the peaceful house has progressed so far and if it is to move forward, then its basis that would be


A small model, the peaceful house was mentioned here so that the geniuses of every field think of the work for themselves and fulfill the desired needs of era creation, take important steps to keep the foundation of the new creation.


The thinking of intellectualism

In Centuries, he has mentioned Hitler as the most authoritarian dictator in the name of the Hitler. Nearly 350 years before he was born, Nostradamus recorded all history of his ascension and defeat. He also described bomb blasts that took place in Japan and description of extinction and the massacre caused by him, on the basis of his insights, whose testimony is Second World War. Apart from this, his predictions include reaching climax of intellectualism in last two decades of twentieth century, inventions in scientific field, glory of the overthrow of the divine outbreaks in manipulating nature, and ultimately a strong prevalence of determining the bright future of mankind from Asia. Influence of power etc. are included. Nostradamus has written that after reaching the culmination of intellectualism, there will come a wave of great consolation of devotion, devotion, and the era will change.


More than 50 scholars of the nostra book-centuries have studied deeply. One of these Oxford students, 18 year old school girl Arica discovered her manuscript from the library. These study workers say that everything written in it has either happened or is going to occur in the near future. According to him, Nostradamus mentioned a third destroyer superpower antichrist before the advent of true era, which can be said to be the climax of the helplessness of Kali Yuga. These days, the world is going through this period. This date will last until 1999. In this period, emergence of a new spiritual consciousness will end  chances of destruction, by coordinating disciplines, assumptions and scientific determinations, and new age will be the voice, which he named as ‘Edge of Tooth’.


Nostradamus has written in his predictions about the emergence of a culture-oriented India as a great power and has said that from the three sides, surrounded by the sea, the Dharma master, a continent with the oldest culture will be destined to think that the world Will take you away from the path of destruction and on the path of development. All the wise see a glimpse of the emergence of India as a world leader in these prophecies and say that thinking revolution of the future will only be the foundation of new era.


Maharishi :: All profits, predictions, visionaries of divine vision are of opinion that before advent of 2000 there will not be any disappointment of the devastating disasters that will appear. Maharishi says that whenever a disorder arises from its threshold, super conscious power is manifested in those who are self-confident. The name of this collective consciousness is the only incarnation process. Now the era of time of lord will be transmitted in the form of thought power, not in the form of a person, and it will be called as unblemished. It has taken birth as a flow of change in person’s thought and is moving from past century as latter of advent