The extraordinary progress of human in the field technology

Wherever these days are seen, the discussion is heard on the extinction of the circumstances. Some human nature is such that he is interested in increasing fears and fears. There is also a reality in some true sense, which shows the future of humankind filled with despair and darkness. There is no doubt that man has made extraordinary progress in the field of science. In the last two decades of the twentieth century, there has been such a change in such a fact that the works of the world have changed. Happiness means to increase, as well as tension – anxiety, mental retardation – increase in disturbances. The person is unstable from inside. It seems that he has gone astray in the desire of material happiness in the trance, that he has no knowledge of proper-improper useful-useless. He thinks he can not think fit and not afford to do it. Consequently: Overcoming crisis has come in front of him as a challenge.


Every person came so fast and the human being, the world is concerned about the future of humanity. The famous thinker, Mr. Alvin, writes in his book ‘Future Shock’: ‘It is good in a way that a person has made a mistake, he called objections to objections and he is also coming forward to find a solution.


The prestigious International magazine, like ‘Time’, chooses ‘Man of the Year’ for a particular person every year. For the 88th, that journal has not declared anyone ‘Man of the Year’, Earth has declared it as ‘Planet of the Year’. This announcement was made on January 2, 8, in which the Earth was depicted as being surrounded by crises due to ‘endangered meaning’ i.e. pollution. This announcement gives us the impression of being dynamic of the mind flow of minds in this direction. Are we heading towards destruction? This question is ringing in everyone’s mind like lightning. In this situation, every thinker has thought in his own world at his own level, he has examined the circumstances of now and expressed his views on future possibilities. It has also said that it is not too late, if a person turns the direction of his thinking in the right direction, then he can avoid the threats from adjoining chauvinism.


Conn in New York’s Harmon Con, the World watch Institute of America, R. Brown, who outlines the future based on the statistics, 400 years ago from Frances-born physician Nostradamus, born in the Norman family of France County Louis, Born in the Norman family of Francis, Count Louis, who called the world ‘Kung’, in crystal ball. A reputable genealogist like Jean Dixon and revolutionary sage concerns Maharishi, who predicts fate from the future, says that although Bella is full of crises, destruction seems to be standing nearby; however, mischief will eventually be conquered: the victory of good fortune and the earth passive resistance system will come. Sages are especially hopeful with increased awareness of impending disasters. They say that in the twelve years of the completion of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, which has been called the treaty morning, should be employed in the direction of his power-noble superiority. The rest of the work will be done by the power of lord consciousness, the divine law-order great god repatriation process itself.



The source of practical spirituality

Swami Vivekananda had given a speech in 1897 in the period of its Madras migration. This speech has been published in the book titled ‘India’s Future with the title’ Vivekananda storage. In this, he had predicted that to reach the sources of practical spirituality to the masses, temples would be seen evolving in the form of awareness centers. Centers for sentencing education will open at a broad level. Culture will be propagated and culture will become a world language. The coming age will be of unity – of equality. Many young people will have a very important role in transforming this spiritual communism into work. They will become the savior of the culture – protectors and show the imagination of a new era in the form of realization.


Divine Perspectives is calculated in the world’s predominantly divine visionary prophets. Born in a devout Jewish family of Israel. The predictions made by them are often proved to be true at the time. He used to say about future changes: ‘I am clearly visible that India will emerge as a great power. There will be an institution making the religion of the medium and creating a global environment of revolution. By the year 2000, all small big powers will become together. Then there will be no restriction of language and neither the monotony of communalism and the regional division constraints. Everyone will be together and eat and share


Jean Dixon: Jean Dickson, a book of books entitled ‘My Life and Professes’, ‘A Gift of Prophecies’ and ‘The Call to the Glory’, was well-known for its future statement from the age of fourteen years are. The predictions made by them through a ‘crystal ball’ have been falling from time to time 100 percent. They are still employed in the US. In 1945, he had announced the death of the US President Franklin Roosevelt years ago. Likewise, in 1953 he had announced the death of Stalin and his successors, who had come out right, had declared the death of United Nations General Secretary Dag in 1961 in an air crash months ago. That’s what happened.


Jean Dickson had become world-renowned when he won the election of US President John F. Kennedy in 1960, he had previously stated that in the second week of November 1963 he will be assassinated in the Texas province. Pre-assassination


The thinking of intellectualism

In Centuries, he has mentioned Hitler as the most authoritarian dictator in the name of the Hitler. Nearly 350 years before he was born, Nostradamus recorded all history of his ascension and defeat. He also described bomb blasts that took place in Japan and description of extinction and the massacre caused by him, on the basis of his insights, whose testimony is Second World War. Apart from this, his predictions include reaching climax of intellectualism in last two decades of twentieth century, inventions in scientific field, glory of the overthrow of the divine outbreaks in manipulating nature, and ultimately a strong prevalence of determining the bright future of mankind from Asia. Influence of power etc. are included. Nostradamus has written that after reaching the culmination of intellectualism, there will come a wave of great consolation of devotion, devotion, and the era will change.


More than 50 scholars of the nostra book-centuries have studied deeply. One of these Oxford students, 18 year old school girl Arica discovered her manuscript from the library. These study workers say that everything written in it has either happened or is going to occur in the near future. According to him, Nostradamus mentioned a third destroyer superpower antichrist before the advent of true era, which can be said to be the climax of the helplessness of Kali Yuga. These days, the world is going through this period. This date will last until 1999. In this period, emergence of a new spiritual consciousness will end  chances of destruction, by coordinating disciplines, assumptions and scientific determinations, and new age will be the voice, which he named as ‘Edge of Tooth’.


Nostradamus has written in his predictions about the emergence of a culture-oriented India as a great power and has said that from the three sides, surrounded by the sea, the Dharma master, a continent with the oldest culture will be destined to think that the world Will take you away from the path of destruction and on the path of development. All the wise see a glimpse of the emergence of India as a world leader in these prophecies and say that thinking revolution of the future will only be the foundation of new era.


Maharishi :: All profits, predictions, visionaries of divine vision are of opinion that before advent of 2000 there will not be any disappointment of the devastating disasters that will appear. Maharishi says that whenever a disorder arises from its threshold, super conscious power is manifested in those who are self-confident. The name of this collective consciousness is the only incarnation process. Now the era of time of lord will be transmitted in the form of thought power, not in the form of a person, and it will be called as unblemished. It has taken birth as a flow of change in person’s thought and is moving from past century as latter of advent