The barriers in the education system

It is said that middlemen are 94 percent dented and the consumer’s expenses are only 6 percent. What is the problem with dealing with such a large disruption? Those who have a blood clot in their molar, how can they be agreed to discontinue? The answer is the same, the hinges in the mouth of the horse, the nail is inserted in the nose’s nose, like a straight line to the elephant, when the economy will run on the basis of co-operative, then where will the blind be able to survive? , Which progressive swallow-swallowing schemes, but go like fat.


Given the far-reaching results of the village council State in the State Revolution, it can be called unprecedented. There is a co-operative revolution that is behind it, which, in its right form, will be loosened by the arbitrators of the money, even if its existence completely takes some time to end.


Adult education is stuck in the field of education like the bone of the throat. Those who have the reins of society these days remain uneducated by being uneducated, it is a matter of great sadness. Such a big arrangement not be expected from government money, especially when there is no interest in education earning for the reader, the solution to this problem will come out in such a way that educated one-one of the uneducated, Two will have to be interrupted to make literate.


When those who earn a forbidden will be treated as criminals and will be dispersed and on the other hand they will be given honor and honor if the workers are considered righteous and in that environment, the address of the criminals will be cleared, but the third excuse that bites at the same time. In earnings, donations not be given to the contribution. Hypocritical, ill-disposed, nipples often keep their skin shrouded by these lobbies.


Earning of labor will be considered as valid, then the roots of many dislikes like dowry practice, performance, extravagance, and ego will be cut. Those looking for glory in the chair should be running a hammer, the old too will start doing so much in their own way, that they will not have to bear the insults, but they can be more healthy, happier and more respectable by consuming themselves in some useful product. Daughters in thieves will then be counted among the worst categories.


These revolutions are like a training cartridge running behind each other. Their fast running track will be visible to every eye person. By avoiding undesirable greed, those who accept the average citizen’s subsistence will be left with so much labor-time mentality and glory, which would result in the good prospects associated with the twenty-first century, when employed for the new generation, these days, with these eyes directly Can be seen. The desire for destiny is that most of the humans emerge talented. Imitated many from your character and dedication

The talent of twenty-first century

Looking at the present, it seems that the auspicious prospects of the twenty-first century are reaching the level of growth of their growing leaves, like green doves. The timely requirement of talent sophistication is seen by people being willing to adopt it voluntarily, like the flowers of spring, unintentionally, it gives an introduction to its glory. Do not go to the veins that are full of veins and greed Lust, which is controlling like a manic elephant is overcome by skilled mahouts. The doubts of the Buddha, Shankar, Vivekananda, Gandhi, will now come in front or not, from this doubt – fear today, while everywhere, disappointment prevails, but also destiny. Change- not be believed to be the closure of the replacement power. How are the days of a great lord, who are echoing the ten directions, to be ignored? On the dawn festival of the age consciousness, how can the forgetfulness of the rising sun be forgotten? The possibility of era climactic is amazing as the Ganges, but also how to deny the fact that whatever has been accomplished, will it remain unable to reproduce again? The present villa of the era treaty is full of such turbulence.


On May 8, the issue of granting special rights to the village council was suddenly created. Rural self-government was the dream of the early days of Gandhi. There were discussions on it, the projects continued to grow, but it was not believed to anyone that in a few months in the year 9, the revolutionary changes in this context would be passed on so easily. State changes, without bloodshed, resentment – Where does the rebellion occur without emergence? But with the hands of capable hands, the power will go away from the poor, by the hands of the backward? This thing does not descend below the human throat. Even if that is possible, how can he be denied?


Reaching the level of backwardness is considered extraordinarily time-consuming and painful. Even then, the backward, uneducated, getting the reservation so that a majority of them have become a majority, despite the fact that this fact is correct, understanding does not accept that all this will be done so quickly and so easily. It should be called the boom of human intervals or the law of the great lord, which is going to be possible even when it is impossible.



After this, a boom, will the horse racing change? Nobody should think of such a thing. Telescopic eyes can see that after this, the cooperative movement will grow like new minuscule and corruption contracts will give up its path.


The best method for success

The importance of man’s own thoughts, abilities, passion, courage, excitement, and happiness and selflessness are not even less. When these mental figures are added, their normal looking verb – process also becomes an abnormal level and starts resembling the Divine figures. Yet their limits and time are set and there is also a criterion for success. But if the will of the invisible progress flows with it, then changes are so fast that it has to be amazed. Millennia is work to be done in the millennia, in the years and months. This invisible undertaking is not only unintentionally but under any special plan and inspiration. The goal of creating a system by removing the chaos behind it remains embodied.


Storm – storms arrive, then accumulated deposits of time with flying dust will reach anywhere. The dunes are filled up and the land looks so fast in the formation of the plane as if in a few moments he has to do what he has to do. Desert slopes – the mountains seem to reach here tomorrow and reach here tomorrow. If the rainy season rains, then the well-equipped land area has only water supplied with water. Handicapped huts are not known and old trees are rapidly dashed. Do not know the wonders of this kind that are not even imagined until some time ago.


Looking at the last days, it appears that in centuries-old traditions, there have been developments such as radical changes. India threw slogan gambling of thousands of years in a short span of time with the help of light-hearted movement. The rights of those called lord of the earth were snatched and the inhalation called the people became the landlords. Purchase of slaves – Sales and looting – kidnapping was kind of a physician business, but now she does not even know it anywhere. The bodies of the husbands were burnt alive with the bodies of living beings, spouses, but now it is prohibited to honor the practice. The old form of impalpability does not look anywhere.


If the excitement of science emerged, in two to three centuries, rail, motor, vessel, air, electricity, etc. started to introduce its dominance in the corner of the earth. In the space, satellites began to bite. Radio, television is a good example. Rockets have caught so much speed that they reach one corner of the earth. Rovers have announced the replacement of human labor and computers have begun to tease the utility of the human brain. Molecule says that millions of millions of years ago, this rich and beautiful earth made up of millions of years ago can make dust in space and make it invisible in a moment. This quickness of progress has to be left over by being overwhelmed by surprise.


The success in the field of science

Someone may be skeptical about the future knowledge of astrologers, but in the world from time to time, such a microscopic transcendental capability has created a prosperous future seer, who has been telling the truth about the coming years from the ages. Now those who have come to light in their statements show possibility of becoming bright in twenty-first century. Among them are scientist, physician, psychiatrist and psychiatrist and also spirituality. Not only this, such ordinary people are also among them, wherein introspection arises, the ability of foreboding woke up and peeping into the womb of the future, whatever they were able to get on the future narrative, finally: the truth came out. There are also some institutes – organizations that contemplate the world-class science of science and make their estimates with figures – facts, decreases, events, trends etc. Their statements in field of science are considered to be very authentic, all of them same opinion expresses that man will change his course.


Foreshadowing in subject of future, this prediction is based on the study of odd studies, the future also has a big role. Just like others have been predicting, in the same way, this inspiration is also being conducted by the operator of this system – the founder that the future will be bright, the clouds of the afflictions will spread and soon there will be a dawn of new era. Directly connecting 25 million illiterate readers through 5 thousand magazines and indirectly hundred thousand of people, associated with the formula operator. All of them are assured that twenty-first century is coming with new bright prospects. It is necessary that for release of Golden morning, hope for optimist sage, talented and creative people from all over world and raise the morale of others too. In these outward years, for the repeal of possible adversities, a collective great man for all the religions, caste and creed caste people has been started as the concept of jasmine meditation and goodwill, everyone is an open invitation to become a participant in it.


The human power

Even if you are enthusiastic, even a few people can do anything in the midst of adversities, who can be surprised to see. Human power and its ability to change the future is such a person who is able to believe that if it can be believed, then it should be assumed that even in the environment of despair, the possibility of a bright future can be emerging.


In fact, the transformation process had been going on for so many days, but its initial slowing down of the opportunity to become a quick going person was found in these twelve years, it is the opinion of the intellectuals – the Divine. These twelve years can be told of the end of the twentieth century and the middle of the twentieth century. This period is looking at full of conflicting activities. On one hand, the painful punishment system of misrepresentation can be seen at its peak and on the other hand, the basis of new innovative creation is being seen standing. It may be confusing to the mind, but the age treaty is said to this, in which one situation goes, the second comes. Both processes are complementary to each other. Along with the fall, the greenery of Spring begins to introduce her arrival. Glee around the enchanting atmosphere is enveloped. While abandoning the physical body, life can be sad, but the happiness of the new birth not be taken without it? While running away, the surgeon ruthlessly breaks the boil but enjoying the pain of exhaustion on getting the pus is also in its place.


Scientists capable of seeing, visionaries, spiritual beings, and predictions are witnessing a wave of a sweeping change around these days. All are convinced of the fact that this time may be painful, but soon the creative tendencies of the bright future will increase.


Whether the future statement is scientific or not, there will be a debate on whether science itself or the physicist, has started saying that the future can be very well known. It is also possible to organize your actions accordingly. The renowned astronomer NASA’s renowned Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who has made his own move on the Moon, says that the future statement is now possible to constrain the science test. It is also possible to say that what will be the time of the coming? Thinking in a constructive way, he says that the future is definitely bright because desperate mankind from the race of modernity is gathering deeply in those purposes which indicate the dawn of a new era. In an interview, he has written a book called ‘The Man Who Saw the Future’, on which a video film has also been made, that in the future, we get content today that our future and it is going to be don of a new era in Fu Years, This Can Be Force by WITNESSING the Events. That is what we think today – that becomes our future. It is sure that the coming year will be of the dawn period of the new era, it is sure. It can be said by looking at the efforts of today’s generation efforts.


The extraordinary progress of human in the field technology

Wherever these days are seen, the discussion is heard on the extinction of the circumstances. Some human nature is such that he is interested in increasing fears and fears. There is also a reality in some true sense, which shows the future of humankind filled with despair and darkness. There is no doubt that man has made extraordinary progress in the field of science. In the last two decades of the twentieth century, there has been such a change in such a fact that the works of the world have changed. Happiness means to increase, as well as tension – anxiety, mental retardation – increase in disturbances. The person is unstable from inside. It seems that he has gone astray in the desire of material happiness in the trance, that he has no knowledge of proper-improper useful-useless. He thinks he can not think fit and not afford to do it. Consequently: Overcoming crisis has come in front of him as a challenge.


Every person came so fast and the human being, the world is concerned about the future of humanity. The famous thinker, Mr. Alvin, writes in his book ‘Future Shock’: ‘It is good in a way that a person has made a mistake, he called objections to objections and he is also coming forward to find a solution.


The prestigious International magazine, like ‘Time’, chooses ‘Man of the Year’ for a particular person every year. For the 88th, that journal has not declared anyone ‘Man of the Year’, Earth has declared it as ‘Planet of the Year’. This announcement was made on January 2, 8, in which the Earth was depicted as being surrounded by crises due to ‘endangered meaning’ i.e. pollution. This announcement gives us the impression of being dynamic of the mind flow of minds in this direction. Are we heading towards destruction? This question is ringing in everyone’s mind like lightning. In this situation, every thinker has thought in his own world at his own level, he has examined the circumstances of now and expressed his views on future possibilities. It has also said that it is not too late, if a person turns the direction of his thinking in the right direction, then he can avoid the threats from adjoining chauvinism.


Conn in New York’s Harmon Con, the World watch Institute of America, R. Brown, who outlines the future based on the statistics, 400 years ago from Frances-born physician Nostradamus, born in the Norman family of France County Louis, Born in the Norman family of Francis, Count Louis, who called the world ‘Kung’, in crystal ball. A reputable genealogist like Jean Dixon and revolutionary sage concerns Maharishi, who predicts fate from the future, says that although Bella is full of crises, destruction seems to be standing nearby; however, mischief will eventually be conquered: the victory of good fortune and the earth passive resistance system will come. Sages are especially hopeful with increased awareness of impending disasters. They say that in the twelve years of the completion of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century, which has been called the treaty morning, should be employed in the direction of his power-noble superiority. The rest of the work will be done by the power of lord consciousness, the divine law-order great god repatriation process itself.



The arrangement of better environment for education

To educate the teachers, high-level personality needs and inspiring environments too. Both these requirements are fulfilled in a peaceful house. In this scenario, five hundred people live permanently, most of them are graduate, postgraduate level. By leaving the high job, taking the formula operator as an example, only the era creation has come from a dedication dedicated to the service related work. Many of these are those who take all the arrangements from the bank deposited in the bank and do not take anything from the ashram. This is a unique and rare example in itself.


There is a scarcity of workforce and emotional workers, but they are continuing to meet a peaceful house unmatched, in which M.D., MS., B.I.M.S., M.S. C., Ph.D., L.L.M. There are many level workers. The personality operators, who have been examining every criterion closely, their mind is that in such an environment, by staying in such an environment, doing such a work culture should make them happy. The effect of the environment created by these workers is that the scholars return to the country with a status of rejuvenation in their life order. The talent, the brightness and the authenticity of the testator, the connoisseur- this tradition of dedicated talent is the spinal cord of this institution.


Understanding the need for awakening the villages and villages, four musicians and one speaker, thus the five-five congregations constantly rotate in the working field. There are arrangements for trains for them. There are one and a half thousand conferences in the year, in which the lamp mass or the annual festivals are celebrated. Peace institutes are built as permanent buildings for them, which are more than 3,000 in entire India and there are branches of active workers at other places. There is only one fit of joining the events that left a bad trend and adopted a phenomenon. In this sequence, thousands of people have left their evils and assumed good things.


The people affected by the mission keep a minimum of one hour and fifty cents a day. They have to take a fast in the local retinue to keep contributing to the enrichment of truth. How many people spend half-time for family and half the time for social service. The recluse of this category has also created a large number of missions. Among them, the number of women announcing women awakening is more than fifty percent. It is hoped that this practice will provide a large number of unpaid, experienced workers in every sector of society.


Special arrangements have been made for the training of cottage industries for financial independence in a peaceful house. Through this, women try to extend the additional livelihood to the whole family so that a person in the house is constantly engaged in the task of building society. In the upper rows briefly, those possibilities are explained and those who have inspired many.


If the collapse ceases, then it should be understood that there is an error in the spirit of the people and the labor spirit. Then it is good to shut down that system. The peaceful house has kept himself present from the beginning to know how to get the same criterion. After evaluating the activities here, if it is appropriate to give something for such an institution, then without giving any reason, voluntarily giving something without any reason, the peaceful house has progressed so far and if it is to move forward, then its basis that would be


A small model, the peaceful house was mentioned here so that the geniuses of every field think of the work for themselves and fulfill the desired needs of era creation, take important steps to keep the foundation of the new creation.


The speed of development in present time

There must be political, economic, social and institutional efforts for the conclusion of the undesirable and desirable development, but should not forget that the role of the invisible world is also very important in such efforts. Strains flowing along with the flow of water Walkers with the pressure of the wind continue to catch fast speed by putting less power. Therefore, on the commencement of important works, God is invoked in the witness of invisible powers.


These days, due to the previous progress, the disadvantages of the adoption of uncertainties are also being resolved, and the establishment of the phenomena in their place also. For this dual great change, where direct happiness is required, there should be invisible resolutions, courage and visionary skills associated with it. This is also the need of these days, on the basis of fulfillment, on the double front, the objective of the worldwide conflict-filled change, without delay and without facing extraordinary obstacles.


The time has caught a tremendous speed, which had not been done in thousands of years also, they have been accomplished in a few decades. If a person of some hundred years old compares to today’s environment with the circumstances, it would appear that he has arrived in some areas like heaven. This era is a sign of the extraordinary intensity of the normal speed of change. The flow will catch even more speed in the next day, and the miracle of the next century will be even more enormous compared to what happened in the past centuries. Therefore, there is a common belief that the flow of decline will prevail in the twenty-first century and the work of the bright future will move forward at a stormy pace. This is the inspiration of the lord of time- God has the desire – the time is demand. It can also be called a pagan anniversary of the age religion. There will be a great human being in this world, but it should be remembered that following this, the tremendous motivation and determination of the rule of law will be working. Why do not you see the wisdom in taking advantage of good? Such pragmatic inspirations will be met with innumerable things and they will do so much on the basis of introspection, as much as not be provoked by giving extraordinary temptations to anyone.


Twelve years passed – such a wretched battle will be formed, in which a bright future could be able to miracle everyone with their miracles, like the cloud clouds that rain from the sky. These days, in the mind of every senior genius, seeing the emotions arising to reveal some idealistic man, the evidence of the truth of the above statement can be found, it can be easily estimated.


In this context, in the corner of the world, along with the emergence of their own creation, a very important form can be seen emerging from the region of the peaceful house. These days, it is only worth seeing a wonderful treatment of era treaty. It can be called an unprecedented use of the collective practice. This kind of energy will be associated with this penance, which is seen to be produced by giant collective efforts. The miraculous results of human labor and collective mobilization, there is much evidence of their own nature. In spirituality, its metaphor can be given in the form of an era treaty. It is hoped that in the twelve years of this treaty Vela, twenty-four hundred thousand people will implement the process of at their place, with resolution from here or here. The weekly spiritual discourse of newly established intelligence boards should be considered as an effort related to this age practice.


Scriptures have been called miraculous

Scriptures have been called miraculous. They are considered as God’s voice. Like Divine Seers prophets, they have been told a lot about time to come. They all agree with this view that end of twentieth century and beginning of twentieth century will be in form of a treaty of two eras and upcoming age will emerge as a bright future for mankind.

End of Kali Yuga is near and now era is going on. Not only that, in fourth era, before and after, in second Chapter III of his Duodecimal Wing, details of symptoms have been described in detail. In aftermath of middle Ages, abundance of masculinity, accumulation of rites of emptiness, excess of corruption in conduct of thought; all this is described in first chapter. In second chapter, in second chapter, development of new diseases, rise of communalism, intolerance of each other, intolerance towards each other, all those who are seeing these days, show characteristic of this period. Referring to true era, he says that incarnation of untouchable power in last days of Kali Yuga will be a universal acceleration of goodwill and ontological.


In Ramayana, in verses 95- 160 of war, explaining arrival of true era, behavior of people, attitude of people has been described at that time.


It is mentioned in Mahabharata forest festival that when one era is over and beginning of second comes near, then there is conflict and divination in world. When Chandra, Sun and Jupiter and Pushy pearl will come in one zodiac, then beginning of true era will be in form of a happy future.


In Daniel and Revelation chapter of Old Testament, it has been discussed that before end of twentieth century, natural disaster and human dignity will be on horizon before arrival of a new era. ‘Archaeologist and Hebrew language scholar Dr. William Albright and James Grant, who are considered experts of these futuristic folks described in Seven Times, have correctly told correct time of occurrence between 1980 and 2000. It has also been said about establishment of golden age at end of this century. Similarity of nostra fits with this kind of future.


Islamism- In this, fourteenth century has been described as a time of upheaval. This time it corresponds perfectly to today’s circumstances

In book ‘Hope of future of Islam,’ Sri Seya says that beginning of twenty-first century will be in form of wonderful coordination of science and religion. Quoting Dr. Kung book Anonymous Man, he writes that education will be stressed in coming times. This will make atmosphere spiritually and in form of a new human being, there will be a rise of great people on earth, which will establish state of unity and equality everywhere.


In this way not only divine eyes, but various religious texts also point to same fact that blooming violin of new era reached. Now with flow of time, person should also change his thinking, otherwise conscious power of supreme truth knows that he is also brought on right path by punishment system and he will do it.


The source of practical spirituality

Swami Vivekananda had given a speech in 1897 in the period of its Madras migration. This speech has been published in the book titled ‘India’s Future with the title’ Vivekananda storage. In this, he had predicted that to reach the sources of practical spirituality to the masses, temples would be seen evolving in the form of awareness centers. Centers for sentencing education will open at a broad level. Culture will be propagated and culture will become a world language. The coming age will be of unity – of equality. Many young people will have a very important role in transforming this spiritual communism into work. They will become the savior of the culture – protectors and show the imagination of a new era in the form of realization.


Divine Perspectives is calculated in the world’s predominantly divine visionary prophets. Born in a devout Jewish family of Israel. The predictions made by them are often proved to be true at the time. He used to say about future changes: ‘I am clearly visible that India will emerge as a great power. There will be an institution making the religion of the medium and creating a global environment of revolution. By the year 2000, all small big powers will become together. Then there will be no restriction of language and neither the monotony of communalism and the regional division constraints. Everyone will be together and eat and share


Jean Dixon: Jean Dickson, a book of books entitled ‘My Life and Professes’, ‘A Gift of Prophecies’ and ‘The Call to the Glory’, was well-known for its future statement from the age of fourteen years are. The predictions made by them through a ‘crystal ball’ have been falling from time to time 100 percent. They are still employed in the US. In 1945, he had announced the death of the US President Franklin Roosevelt years ago. Likewise, in 1953 he had announced the death of Stalin and his successors, who had come out right, had declared the death of United Nations General Secretary Dag in 1961 in an air crash months ago. That’s what happened.


Jean Dickson had become world-renowned when he won the election of US President John F. Kennedy in 1960, he had previously stated that in the second week of November 1963 he will be assassinated in the Texas province. Pre-assassination